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* Earliest available Round Table appointments will be scheduled during your call.  


Do you have a great product or idea that you think would be a perfect fit at retailers like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, CVS, Macy’s, Staples, Costco, Dick’s and Bed Bath & Beyond? In order to sell these major retailers, you will need a comprehensive product launch strategy.  

From traditional brick & mortar to televised and internet retailers, for over 50 years Mind64 has been building powerful relationships in every channel of retail. We've created this monthly round table to serve as the catalyst for national and international inventors and entrepreneurs to easily build the strategies, relationships and expertise they need to effectively launch a consumer product into the marketplace.


Engage with the industry-leading team responsible for getting products on the shelf, in the cart and into the mind of the consumer…

Eric Miller President Mind64 

Lynne Lecher Vice President Mind64 


Eric Solomon Executive Producer Mind64 

Brian DiLeo Creative Director Mind64 Incubator 

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The Mind64 Incubator Round Table is a 1-hour product pitch and strategy session, taking place at the Yale Club in New York City and the Fox Hollow Club on Long Island.  

Your Session is designed to take you from product evaluation, collateral assessment, market overview and a thorough recommended product launch strategy.  

Mind64 has been the architect of custom solutions for some of the world’s most visible and successful retail brands. We are always on the lookout for the next innovative “big idea” in all retail categories. Any successful pitch session during our Incubator roundtable could result in a partnership directly with us.


Yale Club of New York City  

50 Vanderbilt Ave. New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212.716.2100

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Mind64 Brings Products to Market

Since 1964, we’ve built brands, established networks, and cemented relationships with every major retailer in the country.


* Earliest available Round Table appointments will be scheduled during your call.  


Do I need to have a product or can it just be an idea?

Whether it’s just an idea or an existing product line which needs a fresh approach, we able to identify the quickest and most economical way to bring your concepts to retail. Products that are demonstrable, solve problems and have mass appeal have the greatest potential success in the marketplace.

Does my product have to be patented?

There are many different types of patents, but there is no requirement for your product to have a patent in order to be sold at retail. However, if we feel there is an opportunity or benefit for you to have a patent, we will guide you through the entire process. 

Does Mind64 charge upfront to work with them?

No. We do not charge any fee, nor do we charge monthly retainers… we don’t have to! 100% of our compensation is based on commission for actual sales of the product(s). Since we are not collecting fees, we only take on projects that we believe have the highest chances of success.

What if I already have sales representation?

When you add a new coat of paint to an existing house, the structure looks better momentarily, with a shiny new identity. But nothing's really changed. To avoid a superficial makeover, especially when re-launching a brand, we recommend the rebuilding of the sales organization. Existing agencies will be evaluated for efficacy.