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Behind closed doors we gather –  A brotherhood of sales gurus, storytellers, designers, innovators, builders, tech-meisters, forward thinkers, sideways thinkers and risk-takers. We cross streets borders and oceans to bring you the best talent, all handpicked and all with one agenda; to make sure your product and brand take center stage at retail. Mind64 starts the conversation, breaks the rules and inspiries the naysayers to participate, co-create and drive sales. Behind all the digital tools, social currency, and viral talk, Mind64 is busy creating new believers, fans, evangelists and new customers, every day.

We work with clients to deliver a comprehensive blueprint that wins customers, influences decision makers and builds brands.

Connecting Clients and Customers

Mind64 was born out of a combination of frustration and excitement. Frustration that our industry was slow to adapt to the changing retail landscape, and excitement for all the new, creative ways we can connect clients and customers.

Through social, industry and consumer engagement tools, Mind64 enables clients to “test before investing”, by gathering real-time preferences and pricing data on new candidate products before they launch in the market. The data is filtered through Mind64’s predictive analytic models, to determine which products present the greatest opportunity before any costly investments are made.

Giving Back

Supporting communities through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business, and a belief that guides so many of our decisions. Every year, we continue this commitment that’s been growing since our inception, in 1964. Through contributions, leadership and volunteer efforts, we help create stronger, healthier places for our clients, customers and associates in which to work and live.

armydogAs you may know, our company continues to sponsor “A Shelter Dog With A Purpose.”  Some of our past rescues are now working with law enforcement, family court, disabled veterans and children with special needs.

Say Hello To – River, a Flat-Coated Retriever mix was hours away from being euthanized at a seven-day kill shelter in rural Alabama, before he came to our company.  Besides the fact that it would be hard to find a cuter fellow than River, our goal was a serious one: To draw attention to our U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  River now works with wounded soldiers at military and VA hospitals, visits nursing homes and hospices, in addition to being an Ambassador for America’s Vet Dogs.

He may be hard to understand with his “southern drawl”, but River received hundreds of hours of socialization, public access training and advanced training in preparation for his final certification. To arrange a special visit from River to schools, hospitals, organizations or friends, just give us a call 212-840-0500

If you want to learn more or help, visit River.VetDogs.org

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